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kadmin del_enctypes bumps kvno

Hi. Happy New Year, and sorry to be carping again so early in 2004

kadmin del_enctypes bumps the kvno. this is because it calls into
kadm's modify_principal (with !(mask & KADM5_KVNO)), but
_kadm5_setup_entry() calls _kadm5_set_keys2() which bumps the kvno,
regardless of whether the _kadm5_setup_entry() was called with
(mask & KADM5_KVNO), and then the ent->kvno gets written into the

the reason this is a pain is b/c then modify_principal() calls 
kadm5_log_modify() without mask & KADM5_KVNO, so the log entry
is written out incorrectly and my ipropd-slaves don't pick up
the kvno change

i inserted a kludge into _kadm5_setup_entry() that decrements the
ent->kvno after the call to _kadm5_set_keys2() if !(princ_mask &
KADM5_KVNO), but i don't think it's the right thing to do, so i'm
hoping for a fix . . .

take care

--buck, usa