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No Subject

When you do the following:

$ export PATH=/usr/athena1/bin:$PATH 
$ ./configure --with-krb4=/usr/athena2 ...

there is a conflict where the value for the libs we'll be linking
against should be taken from. From /usr/athena1/bin/krb4-config --libs
or /usr/athena2/bin/krb4-config --libs or somewhere else? The same
applies to other packages with such a *-config script.

The following patch makes the command line argument (+/bin/) the first
choice and the krb4-config in PATH the second choice. Personally I don't
like the idea of being dependent on PATH at all, but that may be the
best compromise.

Disclaimer: Others might do a much better job in achieving the
"right thing" with autosomething and m4, see it as an example.
You might want to indent this different, too.


*** cf/test-package.m4.orig     Tue Sep 10 17:23:38 2002
--- cf/test-package.m4  Mon Jan 26 10:42:53 2004
*** 61,67 ****
  if test "$with_$1_config" = ""; then
!       with_$1_config='$7'
--- 61,71 ----
  if test "$with_$1_config" = ""; then
!    if test -x ${d}/bin/'$7' ; then
!      with_$1_config=${d}/bin/'$7'
!    else
!      with_$1_config='$7'
!    fi