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Re: kpasswd lies

>>$ /usr/local/heimdal/bin/kpasswd
>>komanek@NATUR.CUNI.CZ's Password:
>>New password:
>>Verifying password - New password:
>>Success : Password changed
>>I consider it to be a bug, isn't it ?
>The database/applications is not aware where the master database is, its
>assumed that the sysadmin do the right thing and configure the master to be
>the host that run the hprop, kadmind, kpasswdd, and that slave hosts
>(hpropd) do not run kadmind and hpasswd.

O.K., but still, I think it should give another message, different from 
"Success: Password changed."

>The simple way is to run `kadmin -l, but if you want to do it with C just
>use the kadm5 api, and bind with kadm5_s_init_with_password_ctx() instead
>of kadm5_c_init_with_skey_ctx().
>Dunno if the perl module from can be forced to use

Thank you, I will try it later but this could be exactly what I want :-)