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Re: Kerberos decryption and Ethereal, help requested

Thanks a lot for the example.

Please mail me privately with the details you want to have added to the
AUTHORS file in ethereal
(I might very likely use snippets of that code)

A question:
Your example code decrypts the encrypted data inside the Ticket inside the
TGS-REP packet.
Your example code specifies usage==2.

Is usage always 2 when decrypting the blob inside a ticket or is usage only
2 when decrypted this blob inside a ticket inside a TGS-REP pdu?

How do I figure out what usage should be?
(I was told it was the MSG Type but that was apparently incorrect)

Second question,   can someone point me to where in the sources I can find
either the ASN.1 descriptions or the code handling the
ASN.1/BER data in the decrypted blob?
I.e. now that I have the ASN.1 encoded data, where do I find out WHAT this
data is?

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