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Re: Kerberos decryption and Ethereal, help requested

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From: "Brian May"
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: Kerberos decryption and Ethereal, help requested

> Kerberos is only the authentication phase, so you may only be able to
> see the Kerberos authentication stuff.
> How the two ends talk to each other after authentication is very
> protocol dependant, although I in practise I think at least some
> applications might use functions in the Kerberos library to do this
> encryption/decryption.

Yes. But opening up the encrypted parts of the ticket allows us later to
proceed to implement
post-authentication per-protocol dependent decryption as well.
That would be stage 2.

> In what way is MIT Kerberos "not really free"? It is in Debian, and
> meets the DFSG (Debian-Free-Software-Guidelines).

I apologize. I have been informed of my error and that MIT kerberos is free.