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Re: Openssh build complains about undefined krb_life_to_time

Lars Albertsson <lalle@sics.se> writes:

> I built and installed heimdal-0.6.1rc3, and when trying to build
> openssh-3.8p1, the symbol krb_life_to_time, referenced from
> libkafs.a(common.o), is undefined. 
> It is defined in hdc/hprop.c, so I guess the implementation should
> move to lib/kafs.

If you have compiled with libkrb, krb_life_to_time is in libkrb.

If you only have krb5 support, krb_life_to_time should be rewritten to
_krb5_krb_life_to_time (that is in libkrb5) by krb5-v4compat.h.


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