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Re: tokens in Linux-2.6

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Vladimir Bogodist wrote:

> Hi
> I am playing with afs-modules in Linux 2.6.3 kernel.
> Successeded to mount afs root.cell. Can read files public files.
> Now the question is getting proper tokens.
> vladi@kreml:~$ afslog
> afslog: AFS does not seem to be present on this machine
> Afslog is build from heimdal-0.6-20040224
> Wondering if anyone has been taken a look on this pinguin stuff?

The Linux 2.6 kernel AFS module only supports reading public files. Token
handling is not implemented.

Furthermore OpenAFS will not work under Linux 2.6 either (for the next
months, years, ... I don't know). For details about it have a look at the
OpenAFS mailing list archive. This topic was discussed there a few days


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