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Re: SEAM change password protocol different?

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

> You're on Solaris 8 right?

And 9 -- same behaviour.

> Take a look at patches 112237-09, 112390-08, and 110060-14.  In
> particular notice bug ID 4360141 in (some of) the patch
> descriptions. 

Ta.  I have the first, but not the others.  (I did look at the
available ones without seeing anything obvious in the terse patchpro
descriptions.)  Will try them and report back.

Anyhow, I can confirm that Debian's `testing' Heimdal 0.6 KDC does
work with the SEAM kpasswd where the `stable' 0.4e-based one doesn't,
at least on SPARC.  It's only an issue in that one would prefer not to
run non-stable stuff on the KDC.

> The corresponding Solaris 9 patches are part of the "recommended and
> security" cluster, which I already had installed.

I have the recommended set as of sometime last week, but it doesn't