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Re: kpasswdd configuration question

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

> I can't get a hand-installed 0.6 version to do the same thing that the
> built-in 0.53 in NetBSD does.
> I'm using the Heimdal kinit and Heimdal kpasswd with a Heimdal kdc on
> the same test machine. kpasswd doesn't work.
> Could someone just tell me which entries in the krb5.conf I need to
> inspect?  I should mention that the db was created by hprod from a
> kaserver db and not with a kadmin -l/init.  (I did a kadmin -l/add -r
> for the extra principals needed after the import.)

Did the password change anyway ?
Did kpasswdd log anything ?
What does the packet on the network look like ?
Does netbsd builtin kpasswd work agaist the kpasswdd ?
What server did it talk to ?

The entry you should check for is

       REALM = {
              kpasswd_server = ....
              admin_server =  ... # will be used in kadmin_server entry not present


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