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Re: Kerberos IF_RELEVANT/PAC structure question

Eggs on my face.

The mystery with the dissapearing unicode strings have been solved.
Apparently 'hexdump' under linux will take and remove all lines that are
identical to the previous line
in the hex output and replace it with an innocent '*' character.
I did not notice and this feature caught me off guard.

Everything is now fine and ethereal dissect PAC_LOGON_INFO structures like a

Those interested can test ethereal in a short while when it will dissect PAC
structures in all its glory.
No eta on cvs checking but it will be soon.

thanks for all help

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"Ronnie Sahlberg" <ronnie_sahlberg@ozemail.com.au> writes:

> Thanks for all the pointers.
> Does anyone know of pointers to other documents or real implementations
> source code that can talk PAC?

Other tries to decode the PAC is here (read the whole thread)


It seems to be 6 unicode strings assar's PAC.