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rsh, getaddrinfo problems on AIX 5.1

(this is a resend since I apparently didn't send it from my subscribed
address the first time and it didn't seem to make it to the list)

We're having trouble getting a working rsh when building Heimdal 0.6.2
on our AIX 5.1 machines.

If I do "rsh somewhere command" I get:
rsh: getaddrinfo: Host not found

Pointing gdb to the problem I find that it's:
error = getaddrinfo (NULL, "0", &hints, &eai)

on line 795 in rsh.c that fails...

What's this supposed to do? I haven't found anything on what should
happen when you call getaddrinfo with "0" as service...

Has anyone else running AIX been bitten by this problem?

/Nikke - mumbling something about badly defined standards on what
         getaddrinfo should do (and not).
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