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Re: Problem between versions 0.6-67 and 0.6-159 on SuSE

"Scott Simpson" <ssimpson@visionsolutions.com> writes:

> I have heimdal set up on a SuSE 9.0 system. I can get a ticket and log
> in without a password between systems under version 0.6-67 but not
> version 0.6-159 which SuSE automatically upgrades to through its update
> site.

I'm not familiar with the difference between -67 and -159, but "KDC
policy rejects request" usually means that you tried to set a flag
you're not allowed to, like forwardable tickets. The KDC log should
tell you what the problem is. Maybe the some default has changed. You
really have to ask someone at Suse about this (or read the source).