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Re: Fix Samba support in Heimdal

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> writes:

> I really should have done as Love requested, and tested the
> implementation of the Samba patches, once they actually hit the tree...
> I didn't, so when I upgraded my site...
> Anyway, the bugs seem to revolve around the parsing of the account
> control string, and memory management when we only have Samba
> passwords.  I also had to enable forwarding by default, as Samba has no
> knowledge of this kind of thing.
> Patch to fix these issues is attached.  I'm happy for the forwarding
> thing to become a config setting.

I made it a config setting (default on), and commited everthing else of
your patch, the only thing I changed was the way malloc of ent->etypes was


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