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it feels great to be back to normal.

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But IS there any other place? asked the WizardI don't know, she answered
These studies do not rule out roles for agr in other aspects of these
diseases as will be discussed later in this review. But the studies do
suggest that additional regulatory mechanisms are integral in regulation of
both the quorum response and overall virulence of staphylococci. 

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Immunocompromised patients are the most likely to gain from enhanced
bactericidal activity possibly offered by  lactamaminoglycoside combination
therapy 9 In a comparison of  lactam monotherapy with  lactamaminoglycoside
combination therapy restricted to patients with neutropenia we found no
advantage to combination treatment 89 
I Of the Kosmos in the last resort, science reports many doubtful things
and all of them appalling. There seems no substance to this solid globe on
which we stamp: nothing but symbols and ratios. Symbols and ratios carry us
and bring us forth and beat us down; gravity that swings the incommensurable
suns and worlds through space, is but a figment varying inversely as the
squares of distances; and the suns and worlds themselves, imponderable
figures of abstraction, NH3, and H2O. Consideration dares not dwell upon
this view; that way madness lies; science carries us into zones of
speculation, where there is no habitable city for the mind of man. 
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