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Problem in output to a kinit process

I am sure this would make a good question for a perl list, however as the 
problem I am facing is only when I use heimdal version, has prompted me to 
write to you all, Please bear my newbie question.
I have an automated process (ie. like webmin) a cgi program to configure a 
kerberos client. However as I am taking the input from the users in a form 
I pass it to a perl program which authenticates the kinit process against 
the kdc. This script works perfectly in Redhat, with MIT Kerberos Library, 
however when I switched my machine to Suse, the script fails. here is my 

======The Main Part=====
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;

open (WTR, "| kinit Administrator\@IN.CAL 2> error.txt");
print WTR "password\n";
print WTR "\n";
close WTR;

I am encountering problem, where the kinit process waits for user input, 
however the requirement is that it should not wait as I am writing the 
password to STDIN of the process.

regards and much thanks to all.