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Re: problem with /etc/hosts

> I am trying to setup kerberized (heimdal) openssh on several solaris
> boxes. Our unix admin installs solaris in such way, that first record in
> /etc/hosts contains unqualified hostname, i.e. like this:
> 111.222.333.444   mybox whatsoever.mydomain
> I told him to change "mybox" to FQDN hostname, but he really does not
> like it saying that suns installation procedure inserts unqualified
> hostname and he does not want to mess around with it.

I tell the same thing. This is the first thing "everybody" changes
after installing SunOS.

> Thus, can I make Kerberos programs to use DNS directly to lookup
> hostname by IP address? Or differently, when I use nslookup with IP
> address as argument I get back FQDN hostname regardless to what has been
> written in /etc/hosts. Why Heimdal can not function in the same manner? 

You don't want different programs to get different answers from the
resolver. nsswitch.conf is your friend.

> I am not very good in UNIX things ... Does anyone know why is it such a
> deal to put FQDN hostname in /etc/hosts if /etc/resolv.conf contains
> domain name anyway?

Ask Sun ;-)