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Re: heimdal pkinit compiling on debian

"Prágai, Róbert" <pragai@rubin.hu> writes:

>> But there is no associated certificate.
>> There are pkcs#11 modules implemented using openssl (see soft-token
>> and
>> gpkcs11), so that isn't really and issue. They just need engine support and
>> that is no hard to write.
> 	I try to dig myself into the code and go through the -
> hopefully -
> easier way to make opensc work using the opensc engine. If that target
> is reached I will focus on the pkcs11 issue as it seems to be a much
> more usable solution for long term.

Smartcards doesn't always agree with me (find them hard to digest :),
that's the reason I wrote soft-token, easier to deal with and test

> p.s.: I use the 20041004 snapshots. Should I build every day the new
> snapshot or there will be no major changes in the code?

I can tell you when there are changes that you might want to have. You
shouldn't worry about merging code, just make it work for you and I'll deal
with that.


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