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asn1 decode problem


	I've advanced in the usage of opensc engine, however I got stuck in an 
asn1 problem:

zyx:/home/pragai/pkinit/heimdal-20041004.done# kinit -A -C 
ENGINE:CERT=/home/pragai/ssl/pragaicert.pem,KEY=45 pragai
Cert file: /home/pragai/ssl/pragaicert.pem
Key ID: 45
Engine: dynamic
Retrieving engine pre params
Initiating engine
Retrieving engine post params
Loading cert
Loading private key
SmartCard Password:
Evaluating private key
Checking private key
Finishing engine init succesfully
kinit: krb5_get_init_creds: PKINIT: decoding failed SignedData: 1859794438

This seems to be a DER related problem in the asn1 library.

The file mode works with the same certificate and key (I stored the 
private key on the card):

zyx:/home/pragai/pkinit/heimdal-20041004.done# kinit -A -C 
FILE:/home/pragai/ssl/pragaicert.pem,/home/pragai/ssl/pragaikey.pem pragai
Enter your private key passphrase:
zyx:/home/pragai/pkinit/heimdal-20041004.done# klist
Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_0
         Principal: pragai@PRAGAI.HU

   Issued           Expires          Principal
Oct  7 20:34:14  Oct  8 06:34:14  krbtgt/XXXX.XXXX@XXXX.XXXX

Probably you have some clues where to search for the solution.
(Maybe it is a simple mistake I've made in a config file?)