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Re: 0.6.3 Configure Issues

Spoke too soon.

Still not sure exactly what's happening, but I was being too  
conservative in my interpretation of the config.log.

Something was definitely trying to use the wrong copy of openssl's  
crypto lib though (the shared one in /usr/local/lib instead of the  
static one in /usr/heimdal/lib).  And it affected kpasswdd, but not the  
kdc (which seems really strange).

Building a shared openssl crypto lib for /usr/heimdal/lib (while  
temporarily deleting the copy in /usr/local/lib) seems to fix the  

On Oct 13, 2004, at 3:19 PM, Henry B. Hotz wrote:

> New with 0.6.3.
> The configure machinery doesn't appear to approve the openssl  
> libcrypto unless you add "-l socket" to the LDFLAGS.  Also the crypto  
> lib check compile line doesn't include the cflags returned by  
> krb4-config leading to some compile errors (that don't appear to  
> affect anything, but I'm not pursuing either).
> This is on solaris 9.  krb4-1.3rc1  openssl 0.9.7d(static, not shared)
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