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Re: multi-mechanism gssapi

>Luke, do the Heimdal multi-mech patches absolutely require a dynamic
>linker?  Or will they continue to work for us troglodytes who (for
>various good and sufficient reasons of our own), use Heimdal only with
>statically-linked libraries, don't have dynamic linkers, and don't
>have a dlopen(), &c?

Although I haven't yet tested, this is the intention.

First, the Kerberos mechanism will always be linked into the glue layer,
so as to preseve ABI compatability with existing applications that use
mechanisms-specific API. (The mechanism-specific APIs use upcalls to
the glue layer as described earlier.)

So, having the Kerberos mechanism linked into libgssapi should make
things work where shared libraries are not used. I think this means
that libmech_krb5 needs to be built as a convenience library in this
case. I will look into it, right now getting the glue code shaken
down is the priority.

-- Luke