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Unusual clock-skew issue


A couple of days ago, we experienced a network glitch and the 3 kdc
servers dropped link for a couple of minutes.  When the link was
restored, hprop was unable to replicate the database to one of the two
slaves. The error reported was --

2004-12-15T10:45:26 krb5_read_priv_message: Clock skew too great

NTP is running and all clocks agree within a couple of seconds.  The
clock skew is set for 300 seconds.  There should have been no issue.

An additional, and perhaps related problem, is that klog gave an error
that the AFS user does not exist for a known principal.  We run with the
KAS emulation. No problem with kinit.

I tried restarting the kdc process and the ntp process but this did not
resolve the problem.  Finally, rebooting the machine rectified the
problem with the clock skew.  Not sure whether th klog problem is

Has anybody experienced this type of behavior.

Gedaliah Wolosh, Ph.D.
Manager Computing Resources - CCS
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