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Re: password changing from Windows

I wrote:

> When I try it from Windows XP with a Windows 2003 AD controller
> trusting Heimdal 0.6.3, Windows says the password can't be changed.
> The KDC log does show a changepw ticket being issued.

Sorry, I didn't look closely enough at the log.  I assume that the
problem is the requested flags and `Ticket may not be forwardable'
below.  (The same thing happens if I use ksetup to try to change the
password.)  Any suggestions in the light of that?

  AS-REQ ***@DL.AC.UK from IPv4:*.*.*.* for kadmin/changepw@DL.AC.UK  
  sending 209 bytes to IPv4:*.*.*.*
  AS-REQ ***@DL.AC.UK from IPv4:*.*.*.* for kadmin/changepw@DL.AC.UK  
  Looking for pa-data -- ***@DL.AC.UK
  Pre-authentication succeded -- ***@DL.AC.UK
  Using des-cbc-md5/des-cbc-md5
  Requested flags: renewable_ok, renewable, forwardable
  Ticket may not be forwardable -- ***@DL.AC.UK
  sending 117 bytes to IPv4:*.*.*.*