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Re: password changing from Windows

Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> writes:

> [Sorry, I just managed to send the previous copy when I was trying to
> attach the diff.  Maybe the Gnus keybindings aren't ideal :-/.]
> The current release says it supports the Windows password-change
> protocol.  Are you expected to be able to use this with the normal
> Windows ctl-alt-del change password business when authenticating
> against Heimdal via Active Directory with a trust relationship?

yes, I manage to get that working, but that was with current heimdal. I
can't remember if I merged back the changes I needed to 0.6 release branch.

> If it should work, any suggestions for configuration fixes or
> debugging?  Thanks.

I merged in your text improvements, thank you very much.


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