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What would cause a keytab to stop working?

I created a keytab back in April for a principal.  I was able to
authenticate successfully using the keytab until a few days ago.  As far
as I know, neither the keytab nor the principal has changed.

The timestamp on the keytab still shows as April 2005, and kadmin shows
that the password for the principal has not changed.

Nevertheless, kinit -t 'keytab' principal yields a "Password incorrect"

Suggestions on where to look??

Gedaliah Wolosh, Ph.D.
Manager Computing Resources - CCS
New Jersey Institute of Technology	 Office 973 596-5437
323 King Blvd 	GITC 2203		 Fax    973 642-4761
Newark, NJ 07102                         Email  gwolosh@njit.edu