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Re: LDAP -> Heimdal -> LDAP

Alejandro Mery <amery@geeks.cl> writes:

> hi, i'm a bit confused with LDAP/Heimdal/LDAP cycle.
> I want to use SASL2/Heimdal to keep passwords of my LDAP users. How
> can Heimdal use LDAP which uses it as backend, as backend? how do i
> let Heimdal read from my LDAP without making a deadlock?
> can you point me to something ad-hoc to read?
> please, i'm very puzzled.

If you store you keys for Heimdal in ldap you have to run the KDC on the
same host as the ldap server and talk to it using ldapi. There isn't any
code to talk to the ldap server over network. And since we uses EXTERNAL
mech (not GSSAPI) for the connecting to the KDC, there is no deadlock


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