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Re: ldap <--> heimdal again

> one thing you could try, is putting a link in /var/run to the ldapi
> socket that should be located in /usr/local/var/run/ ..

what I am looking for is the _way_ of solving such things.
turning on debugging/verbose information.

"guessing" and "trying" are pretty useless.

> Jonathan Higgins
> IT R&D Project Manager
> Kennesaw State University
> jhiggins@kennesaw.edu
>>>> Ilia Chipitsine <ilia@paramon.ru> 03/13/05 4:14 AM >>>
> Dear Sirs,
> I again tried to configure heimdal against OpenLDAP.
> I'm using FreeBSD-5.2.1 and I have installed heimdal from ports
> collection.
> 1) how can I specify path to the socket openldap is listening on ?
> 2) I configured /etc/krb5.conf according to online manual (I attached
> config), but I see strange things in logs. I attached logs as well.
> It seems that is's expecting /var/heimdal/kdc.conf, where can I find
> information on configuring that file ?
> 3) It seems that heimdal cannot find ldap configuration. What did I do
> wrong ?
> 4) when I tried to initialize database
> sol# kadmin -l
> kadmin> init CHEL.SKBKONTUR.RU
> Realm max ticket life [unlimited]:
> Realm max renewable ticket life [unlimited]:
> kadmin: kadm5_create_principal: ldap_add_s: Can't contact LDAP server
> sol#
> it seems there are errors, but how can I make it more verbose ?
> I see nothing strange in logs, so I've no idea what did I do wrong.
> Somebody, please, enlight me, how can I turn on debugging ?
> Cheers,
> Ilia Chipitsine