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Re: Looking for docs on MIT master KDC -> Heimdal slave KDCreplication

Tillman Hodgson <tillman@seekingfire.com> writes:

> surya#!/bin/sh
> /usr/pkg/sbin/kdb5_util dump /root/kerberos/slave_datatrans
> surya# hprop --source=mit-dump --database=/root/kerberos/slave_datatrans \
>        --keytab=/etc/krb5.keytab.hprop utu.seekingfire.prv
> hprop: unknown dump file format, got 5, expected 4

Version 4 is the format of the mit dump heimdal understands. Apperently
there is a new version 5, it seems to have appeared with MIT kerberos 1.3.

You can force "kdb5_util dump" to use the old format by using option -b7

The diffrence seems to be dumping with policy info or not.


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