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Re: password hash

This discussion is kind of missing the point, which is that if the
cleartext password is obtained by some 'password quality plugin' or
other sync mech on the AD server, then the easy way to set it into
Heimdal is via the 'password set' exop and the smbk5pwd module in
OpenLDAP (from Howard Chu).

On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 19:28 +0500, Ilia Chipitsine wrote:

> 4) you can use pwdump, pwdump2, pwdump3 for reading NT/LM hashes. even in 
> AD case. no idea how to store them back :-(

For the record, 'net rpc samdump' from Samba3 will also return the
passwords, by joining the domain as a BDC.

Andrew Bartlett

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