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Re: MIT -> Heimdal/LDAP/Samba

"James F. Hranicky" <jfh@cise.ufl.edu> writes:

> 	hprop --source=mit-dump -d /tmp/kdc.db -n | hpropd -n
> but it appears to have created a database in /var/heimdal, despite
> the fact I specify an ldap db in /etc/krb5.conf.
> Thanks for any info.

Hpropd will use the default database if not --database=... is used. It
looks to me that it will almost work, it will fail with "db_rename:
database in use" after the operation is done. I'm not sure how I want to
solve that problem.

> I know this is probably not possible, but is there a way to dump/propagate
> an MIT dbdump into heimdal with an LDAP backend?
> If so, can it be done if the princs are sambaSamAccounts?

It will refuse to overwrite, and it does't know how to create samba
entries, but you can add the samba object after the dump is done.


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