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Re: heimdal-20050426 and asn1-choice-20050426

"Douglas E. Engert" <deengert@anl.gov> writes:

> I downloaded heimdal-20050426 and asn1-choice-20050426 to test newer
> It looks like new code has been added to support
> asn1_TicketFlags_units, asn1_HDBFlags_units and asn1_KDCOptions_units
> in copy_cred_cache.c,dump_log.c and kerberos5.c
> It looks like these routines are generated from the standard
> asn1, but similiar changes have not been added to the asn1-choice.
> (For now it looks like I can #ifdef out the three reference,
> but if someone could add these to the asn1-choice that would be better.)

Yes, the code where added the day after that. I misunderstod the build
machine log message and just though it was out of sync.


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