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Re: Security impact of removing timestamp check in rd_rep()

You actually want to check that they are different, to avoid replay

-- Luke

>From: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org>
>Subject: Security impact of removing timestamp check in rd_rep()
>To: heimdal-discuss@sics.se
>Cc: samba-technical@samba.org
>Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 16:42:15 +1000
>I've been working on the DCE_STYLE GSSAPI code (mostly by metze) that
>Samba4 needs for the 'Kerberos domain join' problem, and I have solved
>the final piece of the puzzle.  
>It appears that the encrypted timestamp in the AP_REP (mutual
>authentication) packet, used in the '3rd leg' of the extended GSSAPI
>negotiation is not consistent with the other two timestamps in the
>exchange.  It appears simply to be the real time, on the client now, and
>so varies particularly in the usec field.
>So, what I'm wondering is how to still be secure, while removing the
>need for an exact timestamp match here.  
>To be clear about the packets I'm talking about, I have attached the #if
>0 patch I used.
>Andrew Bartlett
>Andrew Bartlett                                http://samba.org/~abartlet/
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