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Re: 0.6.x vice 0.7 compat questions

Dave Love <d.love@dl.ac.uk> writes:

> Love Hörnquist Åstrand <lha@kth.se> writes:
>> RFC3244 support have been added to kpasswdd, so windows clients can change
>> passwords with 0.7.
> ?? That's in 0.6.3, and works iff you fix the attributes of the
> changepw principal.

I'm happy that it works for you, but the release note contain a typo, it a
d too much, it should be kpasswd, not kpasswdd.

> By the way, one thing advertised in 0.7 is `Support CCAPI credential
> cache'.  What is that?  I couldn't find any useful info.

CCAPI is the c credential api cache that Mac OS 10.x and MITs KfW uses, its
kind of like KCM. Enables you to share credentials between MIT kerberos and
Heimdal on those platforms (I've only tested MacOS).


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