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Re: Trouble bootstapping Heimdal

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> writes:

> I think you have to run automake *after* autoreconf.

You shouldn't have to run it explicitly at all.  If it makes any
difference after autoreconf, I guess it's a bug.

> In fact, I think autoreconf is meant to automatically run automake,
> but last time I tested it it didn't (perhaps because old versions of
> the Makefiles were already there).

See `-f'.  You supply that if you're hacking config files from a
distribution that might have been built with different versions of any
of the autotools.  I'm pretty sure that's all I did (with success) on
Debian and Solaris.  (I don't understand why the Debian package
doesn't just do `autoreconf -f', but I'm sure that's just because I
don't understand the packaging requirements properly.)

By the way, are you ensuring that 0.7 is flexible enough not to need
patches for Debian?  I might be able to take a look if necessary.