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Re: How hard is it to create a libkdc?

Andrew Bartlett <abartlet@samba.org> writes:

> So, the real question is: Am I insane, and does anybody else know their
> way around the Heimdal tree/automake/libtool well enough to describe how
> create a new lib?

The autotools stuff is mostly straightforward.  Isn't it clear from
the existing libraries, or is it a question of not knowing automake?

I found it's not always obvious how to deal with other things, like
including the right headers at times, and it can be awkward to
navigate the sources since tags come partly from built sources.
Things generally make sense when Love points you in the right
direction, I guess especially if you know more c99 than I obviously
do.  (That's experience working on portability issues, though, rather
than major hacking.)