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Newbi again - good news and a slight irritation

Hello Love , hello listmembers!

The good news is:
   I'm abount to succeed with kaserver from Heimdal-0.7rc2 w/o kth-krb4.
   Well done Love !

The  slight irritation :
  I hope I'm not too impolite, also I hope it is not my ignorance that
  raise  the following.  Sorry if so.

  I found  kdc  and  verify_krb5_conf  having the opposite idea of what is
  right or  wrong   (in terms of the [kdc] section of krb5.conf).

  Here is what I faced  :
    I compiled  Heimdal-0.7rc2 this way :
      ./configure --enable-static=yes --with-krb4 ; make ; make install
    This realy works very well.  Respect to the programmer team !!!

    My (broken) /etc/krb5.conf looked like this:
           enable-kerberos4 = true
           enable-524 = true
           enable-kaserver = true

    Starting "kdc"  ended up with no message.
    Just the returnvalue was '1'

    "verify_krb5_conf"  claimd nothing / was happy.    (SPOT ON)

    The logfile said    'No Kerberos 4 realm configured'.
    Following this hint I extended my  "/etc/krb5.conf" by a "v4-realm"
    variable/value according to the manpage like this:

           v4-realm = ibf.de
           enable-kerberos4 = true

    while the KDC is happy with  krb5.conf now , the  verify_krb5_conf
    starts mourning to my surprise:
        # verify_krb5_conf
        verify_krb5_conf: /kdc/v4-realm: unknown entry     (SPOT ON)

The Point:
  In order to help newbi and average admins in  productive environment
  "kdc" and "verify_krb5_conf" could convergate somewhat

Pleas excuse me for not comming up with a patch/solution, I'm just not
good enough for that at the moment.

Thank You for your attention.

Yours sincerely,  Mathias Feiler