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Re: Hi&Help w2k3 auth: password incorrect

"Алексей В. Лабута" <labuta@samara.mts.ru> writes:

> Hi All!
> I need to auth into AD, but kauth return: Password incorrect
> I have Solaris 9 sparc, heimdal-0.7rc2
> build & install
> create  /etc/krb5.conf
> with example in <man>/krb5.conf.5
> file krb5.conf have
>         [realms]
>                 my.domain= {
>                                 kdc= adc.my.domain
>                               }
> no events on Windows Server.
> no heimdal logs
> What need I do also in order to auth?

Heimdal is cheating when it converting the password to key for the
arcfour/rc4 case, so if your password only contains something else then
just ASCII, it wont work.


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