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South Export Company introduces a position of the agent responsible for the
payment from the customers and other financial means.

The requirements for the candidates are
Being energetic, responsible, honest and industrious
Being under 35 years old
Having landline or a mobile phone and email.

Once you are able to attribute to yourself and meet all the above-listed
requirements, you should probably try to apply for an offered position, our
company remains one of the most successful distributes of the power equipment
by South Export recently our company?s profit has increased so much, that
we decided to expand into the market of the European and Canada, America,
so the duties of our foreign representative agent, in one of these countries
our agent is enquire receiving payment from our client on behalf of [S.E.I.T]
as our foreign agent.

After that the employee is supposed to transfer the received financial means
to our company. The minimum rate of our representative agent should be entitle
of 10% out of the whole amount of each deposit received from our customer.
Southern Export Company covers all the charges for the transfer. 

Finally we would like to mention that, the salary of our staff id not fixed
by definite amount of money, we are always eager to give you an opportunity
to earn more, therefore any questions are welcome on our e-mail address:

We are grateful for your attention

MR. Ben Cray.
Chief Consulting Officer
South Export International Trade
Pretoria South Africa.


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