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Question on using ldap as password database for heimdal

  I'm planning to create a single-sign-on
authentication and authorization in our network.
Kerberos for authentication and ldap for
authorization. My problem is that, only few
application supports the kerberos protocol unlike
ldap, and one suggest that I should use kerberos as
much as possible and for applications that can only
authenticate through ldap, use an ldap server which
supports kerberos pass-thru userPasswords. In this
scenario, the duplication of userPassword has been
eliminated but userid still has to reside on both
database and the kerberos database. I've read that
heimdal supports placing userid/password in an ldap
directory. Will it be safe to do so, or are there
things here I still need to look into? If this is
case, does it mean that my whole ldap directory will
be encrypted too because of the way kerberos stores
user credentials?

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