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Re: HDB layer ideas

Luke Howard <lukeh@PADL.COM> writes:

> The only problem with this solution is that it doesn't deal well with
> types that can't be represented in ASN.1, or that need to be defined
> at runtime (eg. by a loadable HDB module).
> There might be some interesting solutions to this, I'll have to think
> some more...

So this is diffrent from what andrew what to happen, he want to modify the
API, not the storage.

I think I figured out how add support for unknown entries. The new compiler
have a feature where it store all unknown CHOICE branches into a generic
container. So the extention update code contains this comment for the known

	 * This is an unknown extention, and we are asked to replace a
	 * possible entry in `entry' that is of the same type. This
	 * might seem impossible, but ASN.1 CHOICE comes to our
	 * rescue. The first tag in each branch in the CHOICE is
	 * unique, so just find the element in the list that have the
	 * same tag was we are putting into the list.

So all you need is a tag-number from me to make sure the are unique. I can
provide that uniqueness.

I've not figure out all implication of this for the admin interface and the
propagation interfaces. Hprop is easy, just overright. Iprop is diffrent,
should an update just update one extention, or overright all data.

I've written all code, but haven't commited it yet since its missing
regression tests.


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