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Re: Smbk5pwd and Heimdal 0.7 not playing nice?

Perry Nguyen wrote:
>  I've also filed a bug on the openldap its, (issue 3910).  I've also
> included a few more gdb printouts there.  Strangely enough,
> krb5_init_context works fine for something like 'add-random-users' whose
> initialization code is almost identical to that used in smbk5pwd.  It seems
> like maybe some compiletime or environmental issue is preventing the context
> from being initialized correctly?  Anything having to do with being threaded
> in openldap?
> While running smbk5pwd through gdb, I'm not able to step through
> krb5_init_context, but if I run add_random_users, I am able to step through,
> (am I missing any gdb options?)

Most likely you're not linking against the same library in both cases. 
There are no gdb options to control this, it all just depends on whether 
or not the object file has debug symbols.

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>> From: Love Hörnquist Åstrand [mailto:lha@kth.se] 
>> Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 2:04 AM
>> To: Perry Nguyen
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>> Subject: Re: Smbk5pwd and Heimdal 0.7 not playing nice?
>>> Breakpoint 1, krb5_clear_error_string (context=0x8a7f0d8) at
>>> error_string.c:53
>>> 53          HEIMDAL_MUTEX_lock(context->mutex);
>>> (gdb) print context->mutex
>>> $1 = (void *) 0x0
>> I wonder what makes the context to go away.
>> Love

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