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Re: heimdal-0.7.1rc2 // hoh

Mathias Feiler <feiler@uni-hohenheim.de> writes:

>   Shouldn't kadmin (and maybe other) check the cc an possibly use this
>   credentials before asking for a password over and over?

kadmind requires initial credential, so you if you want to not type the
password for each requests, you have to get initial tickets before trying.

kinit -S kadmin/admin@SU.SE -p lha/admin@SU.SE
kadmin -p lha/admin

>   On the first glance I think it could be a  good solution to have
>   this habit runtime-configurable. Maybe in krb5.conf .
>   What I have in minde looks like this :
>      -----------------------8<---------------------
>      [appdefaults]
>         default_admin_instance  = "string"
>      -----------------------8<---------------------
>   Where "string" could be empty or any valid instance-term.
>   If one leave this line out  "admin" might be the default (as it is now).
>   This would make old AFS-sites happy as well as other heimdal-user.
>   Love and the other developper,
>   if You agree with this idea, I coud have a closer look, try to
>   implement it and eventually try to send a patch to You.
>   (No promise, I'm new on this).
>   So what do You think?

I understand you problem, but don't really see a clean generic way to do
it, if you find one, I will consider to include it.


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