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Re: Splitting lib/krb5/pkinit.c

"Geoff Elgey" <Geoff.Elgey@quest.com> writes:

> G'day,
> Of course, this would break compatibility, but offers significant flexibilty.

I'll look closer to your proposal when I'm less busy, like this weekend.

As a counter proprosal I think hx509 should be a good choice. That partly
why the current interface looks like it, its independant enough of the the
underlaying implementation. The current interface doesn't use any OpenSSL
structures, but strings, this to preserve binary compatiblity.

hx509 can be found here:

It talk pkcs12, pem, and will have pkcs11 support when I get around to it.

There needs to be added a "hx509_context" to most functions, but so far
I've concentrated to get working code.


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