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please respond.

Attn. Please,

How are you and your business? I am very interested in doing business in your country, therefore I would like to seek your assistance and help. I am particularly interested in properties but your advice on other areas of private sector would be appreciated. I got your contact at the Business Bureau office here in South Africa and I am of the believe that you would be of great help in guiding me to a successful exploration of the investment potential of your country which guarantee good capital returns and financial security. As a result of this, I can take you in confidence basically because of the source of my fund hereby believing that your assistance will be of profitable advantage to us.

 I am Mr.Zulu  Adams formerly of UNITA; and a Senior Cabinet member under the military leadership of Gen. Jonas Savimbi. My comrades and I sensing the weakness of our Liberation movement and loss of confidence in facing a better trained and equipped federal government army , decided to escape with some fund under our care. We deposited this money with a Fund Fiduciary manager in Europe. Further, detailed information would be supplied to you for verification if you are interested and respond favorably. 

This was actually made possible, under an arrangement. I am planning to relocate to your country where i can be better established with my money and Angola however not being safe for me because of its closeness to South Africa. I would therefore like you to assist me in every possible way in securing this fund to your country since I intend to live and run my business there. The amount involved is, Forty Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar {$40.5m} Please, I would like you to understand my modesty in imploring for your help which is basically due to my lack of business experience and exposure in your country. I also want you to acknowledge the fact that I am a career public servant who by virtue of the war in Angola was opportuned to posses the amount of money with me.

 This fund being the basis of my future and business ambition, your friendship, assistance and advice will be immensely appreciated while your effort will be rewarded by parting with some percentage of the total fund to you. Be also assured that you stand no risk of any kind as it was an event during a war situation and I look forward to your urgent reply,  mutualstakes@3xl.net

Best Regard, Zulu Adams