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Re: Comments on LDAP support in heimdal

> While we're on this subject, it might be a better idea to make to treat
> the dbname as a URI...

That would be a great idea, and I had considered adding that to my
original email...but I refrained from mentioning it because I didn't
want to distract anyone (alas, I've failed) from the questions in my

(1) Is LDAP hdb as a dynamic module supposed to work?

(2) Shouldn't a dbname with an hdb-schema prefix like ldap: generate
an error if an appropriate hdb module isn't available?

(3) Should the logic used to create log files from dbnames be
different?  Or should non-file backends *require* an explicit log_file


  -- Lars

Lars Kellogg-Stedman <lars@larsshack.org>