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still can't authenticate using krb5-telnet to cisco 7206

 Good day!

I'm trying to configure a cisco router (7206 12.2) to use krb5-telnet as the default authentication however I bumped into the following problems:

On kdc:
encode_as_rep_as_tgs_rep = true (krb5.conf {kdc})
del_enctype host/our.router {all except des-cbc-crc }

On router:
#conf t
#aaa new-model
#aaa authentication login default krb5-telnet krb5 group radius local
#kerberos local-realm OUR.REALM
#kerberos srvtab entry remote /tftp/krb5.keytab

And I got:

Loading /tftp/krb5.keytab from 10.10...
[OK - 71 bytes]
truncated srvtab!... Discarding
Failed to retrieve srvtab from tftp://10.10
1 1 8

And if I don't delete other etypes I got:

Loading /tftp/krb5.keytab from 10.10....
[OK - 209 bytes]
No principals in srvtab! Discarding...
Failed to retrieve srvtab from tftp://..! ..
1 3 8

However when looked into my running config using sho run I can see that the
host/our.router@OUR.REALM has been created

On des-cbc-crc encryption srvtab:
the timestamp is followed by these numbers (1 1 8  ) which means that indeed it uses des...

While the other srvtab has (1 3 8)

On both cases:
When I try telneting to our.router:

#telnet our.router
[ Trying mutual KERBEROS5 (host/our.router@OUR.REALM)... ]

*** Connection not encrypted! Communication may be eavesdropped. ***

Server refused to negotiate encryption.

It failed....

If I don't remove all encryption types for that host principal, the router doesn't throw any "Truncated" error.. however the same "Server refused to negotiate encrypt! ion" error occurs..

Any idea where I might went wrong??
Also, telnet(1) on freebsd6.0 defaults to turning on of encryption of the data stream if possible but I couldn't turn it off when passing -y as an argument to telnet... And I couldn't even use the telnet client anymore even if I turn the default authentication method back to (not krb5-telnet)

That's all for now... thanks!!

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