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gss problem, invalid cksum type


I'm using heimdal-0.7.2 for the gssd for my NFSv2,3,4 client/server that
supports RPCSEC_GSS. Everything seems to work fine here, where I have a
rather old (1.2.n) MIT KDC. However, when it was recently tested at a
site that uses a Solaris KDC, the gss_init_sec_context() kept failing and
the Solaris KDC logged "invalid checksum type" (or something like that).

The keytabs involved just used des-cbc-crc:normal, which works fine here.

Also the "acceptor side" -> gss_accept_sec_context() worked fine, so it
doesn't seem to be the way the keytab was created that caused the problem.

Anyone happen to know what the problem is and whether or not there is a
fix/work around?

Thanks in advance for any help, rick
ps: Unfortunately I don't have a Solaris KDC here, so I don't have a
    quick and easy way to reproduce the problem.