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ldap backend syntax

version 0.7.2 on linux

I'm using this in krb5.conf, according to the documentation at heimdal's
        database = {
                dbname = ldap:ou=People,dc=mycnc,dc=com
        #hdb-ldap-structural-object = person
        hdb-ldap-create-base = ou=people,dc=mycnc,dc=com

The weird thing is that there is a *file* called
"ldap:ou=People,dc=mycnc,dc=com" in /var/heimdal and, it seems, wherever
I happen to run "kadmin -l" from (when running init). Is this syntax

Furthermore, while strace()ing kadmind for another problem, I noticed it
tries to open this "ldap:ou=People,dc=mycnc,dc=com" in the current

I have a feeling this syntax is incorrect... Or is it not? Is this