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Re: PKINIT support in which version?

"Douglas E. Engert" <deengert@anl.gov> writes:

>> I'm assuming that the final draft-34 version of PKINIT isn't what's
>> supported in the latest released version of Heimdal, 0.7.2.
>> Are the daily snapshots good enough, or do I need some CVS variant
>> to  get the current PKINIT support?
> I was using the daily snapshots, to use the client with the W2K
> compatibility code.  I added CPPFLAGS="-DPKINIT"

You should use --enable-pk-init to configure instead. then you will be less
supprised in the future.

> I had been using a version from 2005/10/06. I downloaded
> snapshot/heimdal-20060306.tar.gz, and have been using it with one
> change to pkinit.c.  (I checked today's snapshot/heimdal-20060317.tar.gz
> and the pkinit.c is the same so this patch should also apply.)

Patch applied, thanks.


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