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Re: license

"Tameem Ahmed Khan" <tameemahmed.khan@gmail.com> writes:

> Was just going through the documention of heimdal, have one doubt.. as
> mentioned in
> http://www.stacken.kth.se/lists/heimdal-discuss/2003-03/msg00022.html is
> heimdal free of all export license restrictions. Or are there any specific
> restrictions, like on some countries, etc..? this question because I
> happened to see some US copyright restriction as below :

I can't answer this for sure (and I don't think anyone can), but I'm
not aware of any practical restrictions. You will have to ask your
local exports authority about restrictions in your country (and I can
bet half an apple that they won't tell you right out).

The MIT case you bring up is (I guess) just a standard legal
disclaimer. The only code that is copyright MIT is the authentication
stuff in libtelnet, and I don't think that would require any special
permissions these days. Also that code was exported from the US (back
then) with the actual encryption calls removed.