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Re: [patch] statically linking with mechglue-branch

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 05:33:40PM -0400, Michael B Allen wrote:

>   gssserver: Cannot open '/usr/heimdal/lib/gss/libmech_krb5.so': \
>     /usr/heimdal/lib/gss/libmech_krb5.so: undefined symbol: \
>   gssserver: Cannot open '/usr/heimdal/lib/gss/libmech_spnego.so': \
>     /usr/heimdal/lib/gss/libmech_krb5.so.1: undefined symbol: \
>     krb5_rd_cred2
> The GSS_C_PEER_HAS_UPDATED_SPNEGO symbol is exported in libgssapi.so and
> krb5_rd_cred2 is exported in libkrb5.so.

Then it smells like libmech_krb5.so is not linked against libgssapi.so
and librkb5.so. Assuming you are on an ELF system, do an 'objdump -p' on
libmech_krb5.so and verify that the Dynamic section contains 'NEEDED'
entries for libgssapi.so.X and libkrb5.so.Y.


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